The 57 Step Process to Buying a Home

Every time you buy a home you consciously or subconsciously follow a process that leads you to the path of home ownership.

Make this checklist a part of your package when buying a home

How to negotiate your best deal

The most important person who will influence your purchase decision is you..the Buyer. Nobody else.  You make a decision after you see everything in front of you.  You make the best decision for you when you understand yourself, those closest to you and how this purchase will impact your life today, tomorrow and way into the future. 

Stay out of the weeds, take time to carefully and delicately consider all options and most importantly have a plan before you look at the first home or investment property....then work your plan in a systematic way...and that includes the negotiating.  

Get emotional about your feelings about a place.  Separate these emotions from other people's actions - such as their reactions to your actions, offers or otherwise.

Have a trusted experienced advisor when you are making a major investment...in your case real estate.  Bounce issues and ideas off them to help strengthen the means and methods to get your best deal.


The Home Audit 

What every home buyer needs to do before calling in the professionals.

When we take on the task of looking for a home to buy, our senses get overloaded while our brains have to process a wealth of useless information deciphering what is good while what is not to help us figure out what is right for us.

At the end of the day, many buyers end up taking the monkey approach to determining a good house...they stomp up and down on a floor, start turning faucets on and off as if expecting something beyond water.  This is both ineffective and just a sign to the listing agent this potential buyer only has the potential to buy toothpaste at Wallyworld.  

Don't be "that person"

Here is the essence of what you should have with you every time you go to consider buying a house.  Call us for the complete list....it is exhaustive but necessary and can greatly enhance your ability to rapidly understand the local architecture, spaces and places beyond the monkeying around methodology.

Coffee is for closers

Quoting from an infamous movie this is the essence of what you need to know...only when you close on a house, have those keys in your hand does all the money and time invested mean anything.   To get to this point requires a magical hand of balancing knowledge of a place, the spaces and the people involved selling and working the money to get you in the house.

Negotiating from a position of strength is imperative to be able to not just close, but get you into the house with as little emotional attachment as possible....keeping the emotions at bay while working the deal.  This is why you have third party help you along the way...the classic "good guy/ bad guy" approach with the ultimate goal is to have all parties happy at the end of the day.

At John Anthony Realty we define the specific process depending on the type of home it is.  We look at the competing Buyers, we define who they are, what they are buying and how aggressive we have to be to help you get a home.  We then load the guns with pre approvals, cash, time factors and every possible means and methods to help you get your way in the transaction.